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Module I

1) Introduction of ADL’S & Ergonomics.
2) Understanding the concept of correct & wrong Lifestyle.
3) How bad Life style leads to severe musculo –skeletal disorders / Problems.

Module II

1) Myths related to Healthy Life Style.
2) How to prevent spine / Knee problems.
3) How to correct and cure spine problems through Naturopathy , Physiotherapy and Home remedies.

Module III

1) Knee Care.
2) How faulty patterns lead to knee problems.
3) Dos & Don’ts in Knee Problems.
4) Proper Gait Patterns.
5) To prevent & Control Knee problems and Rehabilitation of knee.

Module IV

1) Correct dietary patterns.
2) According to Biological Clock.
3) To correct faulty patterns of life Style.
4) Modification advised at work place.
5) Naturopathy treatment for Hypertension.
6) Specific Diet for Hypertension (DASH PATTERN).

Module V

1) Specific diet for weight Management.
2) Specific diet for Arthritis.
3) Naturopathy treatment for Diabetes.
4) Specific diet for Diabetes (G.I PATTERN).
5) Exercises in Diabetes.

Module VI

1) Exercise Training programme / Yoga Session.
2) Maintenance of good health through exercises (PRE PATTERN).
3)How to prevent severe Musculo-skeletal disorders (CONTRAINDICATIONS).
4) Adaptation of exercise patters which safeguards from joint pains.
5) Acupressure for Common ailments.
6) Home Remedies for common ailments.
7) Specialized consultation as per the problems faced by the individual.
8) Drug free treatment for the participants.
9) Certain parameters to enhance productivity and prevent an individual from developing insidious health disorders.


> Science 0f Healthy Living
> Dynamic Life Management
> Managing Health
> Work Life Balance
> Postural Guidelines
> Art of Good Living
> Joy Of Good Health
> Stress And Health Management
> An Insight On Preventive Health
> Health In Your Hands – Let Food Be Your Medicine